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Do you know what IP address is and how to find someone's IP address? The simple answer to this is Internet Protocol Address. People also know it by the name of IP number, Internet address. IP address is also called the passport of Internet, in the same way, a common user does not have to know much about it. But to be a smart user, you must keep some information about this technology.

What is IP Address?

An IP address is an identifying number of a piece of network hardware. By having an IP address, it allows a device to communicate with other devices in an IP-based network such as the Internet.

IP address, we can simply also say "IP". This is a unique address from which a device can be easily identified in the Internet or a local network. This allows a system to be recognized by other systems that are connected via Internet protocol.

How to know IP address?

Different devices and operating systems require unique steps to find the IP address. By the way, to get it (Public IP Address and Private IP Address) there are different steps, which we will know further.

It is very easy to find the IP address of your Router, for which you can use any sites like These sites can work with all network-connected devices that support a web browser, such as smartphone, iPod, laptop, desktop, tablet, etc.

Why is an IP Address Used?

An IP address assigns an identity to any one networked device. Just as they must have a specific physical location to identify a home or business office with an identifiable address, in the same way different devices in a network are differentiated one by one through other IP addresses.

for example. If I have to send a package to my friend who lives in another country. Then for this I need to know about its exact destination location.

Only the receiver's name is not enough, along with it must also have a specific address, which is written or attached to that package, so that the package can be easily accessed by it. You can use the phone book to see the address.

What is the IP Address Full Forum?

Full form of IP address is Internet Protocol Address

Types of IP Address

If you have ever heard about IP Addresses before, then you must definitely know that there are many types of IP Addresses as well. Where all IP addresses are made up of numbers and letters, the functions of all addresses are not the same.

So let's know about the types of IP Addresses.

  • Private IP Addresses
  • Public IP Addresses
  • Static IP Addresses
  • Dynamic IP Addresses

This thing does not end in this, instead each IP address also has two types of IPv4 address and one IPv6 address.