How to Use CSS Padding?

Padding is provided for the top, right, bottom and left side of the content of the element from CSS padding. Negative values ​​cannot be given for padding.

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You can use border for demonstration of padding.

Padding related Properties

padding :- All padding properties are given for the element on this property.

padding-top :- The top padding is set on the element.

padding-right :- The right padding is set on the element.

padding-bottom :- The bottom padding is set on the element.

padding-left :- The left padding is set on the element.

Exapmle for CSS Padding

On the padding property you can set the paddings in the sequence of top right bottom and left.

<p style="padding:50px;border:1px #000 solid;">
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For example, 50px padding is for top, bottom and 30px padding is given for right, left.

<p style="padding:50px 30px;border:1px #000 solid;">
Experts PHP padding:50px 30px;