Github File & Folder Downloader

Download Github files, zip files & code file : Github file Downloader is a Free Online zip or file Downloader Tool. You Can Download Easily any github files in zip Format.

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How to Use Github Downloader?

Some steps have to be followed to use Github downloader.

  • First of all, you open the website of Github.
  • After Github login, copy its browser link.
  • Then after that, past the link in the search box, then click on the download button.

What is Github?

GitHub is a web based hosting service in which by doing version control with the help of Git, we can store the programming code of our project by creating a version at each stage. Now there will be a question in your mind that what is Git?

Git is a distributed version-control system used to track changes in source code during software development. Like more than one person works on a big project and people make different changes in that project, then it becomes difficult for other people to know where in this code has been changed.