How to Use CSS Text Properties?

Text properties are properties. By whom the text is designed.Text properties represent the shape of the font. That is, the text property is used to change the shape, color of the font.

Css has a lot of text properties. Of which we are giving below some properties. They are used for text formatting. Read More

Introduction of CSS Font Properties

Through CSS you can change the size, style, weight, line-height, etc. of fonts. A separate property has been created for all these changes. Let us know about these properties.

font-family Property

To set the font’s family of any HTML element, you use the font-family property. You give the name of any font family as the value of this property.

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CSS Background

In this tutorial we will give you complete information about CSS Background Property. You will know what CSS Background Property is? How to set CSS Background?

CSS Background Property is used to set the background in Webpages. CSS also provides many additional background properties to control the background.

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CSS Color

Color Property is used to declare color in CSS. With CSS you can Declare Color for both Foreground and Background.

By Foreground Color we mean the Color Settings of Elements like Font Color, Border Color, Outlines, Text Color etc. You can easily Declare Color for any HTML Element.

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CSS Selectors

CSS Selectors are very important. CSS Selectors select the content for which we want to write CSS Rules.

CSS of selectors is a part of Rule Syntax. Which can be an HTML Element, Element Attribute. You have already read about CSS Selectors in CSS Syntax Lesson. Let us now know about its type.

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CSS Syntax

Like HTML and other computer languages, Syntax is also used to write CSS Rules. Through which CSS Declarations are written for HTML Document.CSS Syntax is also called Style Rule. The Style Rule mainly consists of two parts.

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