How to Use Include Function in Laravel?

Hello friends, today we will talk about how you will add a file from one file to another in the laravel framework. So friends, I would like to tell you that you can easily add a file from another file with the help of include function. The function is an inbuilt function of the laravel framework. Which we use in laravel with @include. You are explained in the example below.

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How to Use CSRF Token in Laravel?

Hello friends, today I will tell you about csrf token in laravel. Csrf token is a very important part in laravel. Its full name is Cross-site request forgery. It is used by puspose of security. It is used when we submit the form So here we use csrf token. How to use it? Your code of csrf is given below. You can use csrf token in any version of laravel.Such as Laravel 7, Laravel 6, Laravel 5.8, Laravel 5.7 etc.

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How to Use CSS Text Properties?

Text properties are properties. By whom the text is designed.Text properties represent the shape of the font. That is, the text property is used to change the shape, color of the font.

Css has a lot of text properties. Of which we are giving below some properties. They are used for text formatting. Read More